• Life Transitions
  • Special Need Population
  • Major Medical Diagnosis
  • Relational/Family Therapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Codependency
  • ADHD
  • Christian Counseling

Nicolette Aguon
LMFT-Associate, supervised by Dr. Deborah Taylor-Smith, LMFT-S

My joy is working with individuals who are going through major life transitions. When life happens, how are you coping?  

I hold a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Wesleyan University. My career thus far has ignited a passion in working with individuals and families who are experiencing major life transitions. I desire to be a therapist in the room who can help remove any load you are carrying and thoughts of ‘what next’, even if it is just for that hour. I believe there is an insurmountable amount of resiliency within people; we just need to cultivate it!

As a therapist, I believe there is so much power in allowing everyone to have a seat at the table, no matter your beliefs, abilities, etc. In the therapy room, I make it my top priority to see everyone as who they are right there in that moment. I love to meet people where they are at and work collaboratively with them to cultivate the essence of resiliency. My passion for therapy is an eclectic combination of both my background and diverse life experiences. I embody a client-centered approach and will work with you to bring the desired change you are seeking in your life.

At the core of my work is resiliency; even if life doesn’t play out the way we expect, how are you showing up for yourself today? Whether or not it’s a major life transition, I wholeheartedly believe my work applies to many populations. My passions extend beyond life transitions and include special need populations, major medical diagnosis, relational/family therapy, Couples Counseling, Codependency, ADHD, and Christian Counseling.




Favorite Book

The Power of TED, 

David Emerald

Favorite Quote

“Choose to believe”

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Favorite Office Item

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