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  • Complex Trauma
  • Anxiety and Stress-related Disorders
  • Attachment Disruptions
  • Female Sexual Issues
  • Spiritual Issues

Casey Christian - Attachment Based Therapist in Dallas, TX


Partner at 214 Counseling

As an attachment-based therapist, I believe strongly in the power of relationship. I believe the therapeutic relationship is built upon a foundation of respect and trust and that this partnership lays the groundwork for healing.

My approach is rooted in the neuroscience of attachment and relationships. My highest priority is that my clients feel safe and understood, and my goal is to help clients gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so they can experience change and feel empowered to make adaptive, satisfying choices in their life and relationships.

I often work with clients who have “tried everything” and don’t know where to turn. I believe that the dialogue between therapist and client is important for connection and understanding and that traditional talk-therapy has a place in the therapeutic process; however, I implement complementary approaches that are based upon the scientific study of human behavior as it relates to adaptive and maladaptive functioning of the central nervous system and brain-behavior relationships.

In my work with clients, I utilize Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Mindfulness-based therapy to help individuals learn new ways of relating and behaving and to heal from trauma and other distressing life experiences. My approach to healing reaches beyond changing thoughts and behaviors and addresses the way that trauma and patterns have been stored in the brain and body.

In addition to specializing in working with clients to heal from the after-effects of traumatic experiences, my practice focuses on providing treatment for various other complex challenges such as overcoming compulsive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, struggles with shame and low self-worth, codependency, attachment disruptions, past relational neglect and abuse, narcissistic abuse, complex or developmental trauma, female sexual concerns and dysfunction, spiritual injury, and the impact of personality on relationships.

A little bit about me personally: I was raised in Dallas, Texas and made my way to the West and East Coasts as well as life abroad before settling back in Dallas where I have been in practice for the last 12 years. I love to travel and have had the privilege of using my clinical training across cultures and continents and have the passion to continue exploring avenues where these passions can merge.

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Favorite Book

Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis

or any WWII fiction

Favorite Quote

“It costs personal fear to be authentic, but the reward is integrity.”

– Donald Miller

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Favorite Office Item

Stuffed animals and Thera-Tappers